Section 2: Self-learning Credits (Personal Learning Projects)

Planned Learning Activities
Learning activities that are initiated to address an identified need (problem, issue or goal) relevant to professional practice, and where the outcomes are evaluated by the individual physician either independently or in collaboration with peers or mentors. Examples of activities in this section include fellowships, formal courses, traineeships and personal learning projects (PLPs).

Your participation in certain programs can be recorded for Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) Section 2 Credit, in accordance with the guidelines established by the RCPSC and endorsed by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology.

Section 2 credits can be acquired through PLPs that you structure and design to answer your own learning needs. Section 2 credit activities include learning projects that are planned, defined and for which an outcome(s) is reported describing how learning will impact clinical practice, expertise or current knowledge base.

Section 2 Credits for PLPs are valued at 2 credits per hour of the learning activity. There is no maximum on the number of Section 2 credits you may report. A minimum of 25 Section 2 credits are required per five year cycle.

Documentation is required for this category of credit. CAG provides a PLP template which allows learners to readily record their Section 2 activities. This form can be completed and uploaded to MAINPORT. It is critical to maintain PLP documentation within your personal education files

To download the CAG PLP Template, click here