Greenberg, David E.

David E Greenberg

David is currently on staff at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. There he plays a leadership role in the areas of Family Medicine, Obstetrics, and Continuing Health Education. Dr Greenberg was the Chief of Family and Community Medicine, and Chief of Emergency Medicine at Doctors Hospital, a community hospital which had taken a leadership role in the industry-wide transition to a focus on ambulatory care. He was also the Chairman of Continuing Medical Education. In addition, Dr Greenberg has undergone training in peer group facilitation, including the “Premi Problem Based Learning Program,” and has acted in this role for a number of pharmaceutical companies on a variety of topics. David is also a member of the Ontario Anti-Infective Review Panel, a group that is trying to ensure antibiotics are used more appropriately in Ontario, as well as having been involved as a GP advisor in the development of three other National Guideline programs.

In the past, David has been engaged by a number of pharmaceutical and other health care-related organizations in a variety of capacities. He has provided them with insights into the beliefs, values and behaviours of both consumers and physicians and has helped them apply these insights to develop highly effective, educational programmes, as well as public relations, sales and marketing strategies.

Dr. Greenberg is recognized as a skilled communicator, able to effectively convey highly complex issues and concepts in a straightforward and entertaining manner. He has become a highly sought after speaker, delivering addresses on a broad range of topics across North America and Europe. He has hosted several educational videos for both physicians and patients and has appeared in the media dealing with health care issues. Dr Greenberg has written a variety of educational articles, which have been published in popular medical journals. In 2003, Dr Greenberg consolidated his consulting activities under the umbrella D. Dave HealthCare Solutions, a full-service consulting practice.